Traveling Through Colors: Orange

I go through phases with my photography and it is especially easy to grab on to a color concept when looking through the images on a recent trip. In this case, orange caught my eye so I started collecting images from the past five years (or so) of travel.


Hint: Click on images for much larger versions with shooting information.

And if Orange isn’t your color of choice, there are other colors in the series.

Find more colors in the Traveling Through Colors series.

4 Replies to “Traveling Through Colors: Orange”

  1. Damira

    Very beautiful! And great idea to collect all orange photos! Do you have pictures from Antelope Canyon?

  2. Ken Kok

    You really need to go to a football game at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The natives there will tell you that is where you see the real orange.

  3. Phyllis Whitman Hunter

    Virtually a world tour — so many different kinds of images all beautiful in their own way.
    This is a wonderful way to arrange and show your work. I hope you will give us other colors in the future.

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