Yosemite Pullout

Description: Part of the beauty of Yosemite is the valley drive. Sure, I prefer to hike away from roads to view Nature’s beauty, especially in National Parks. But there’s no denying the awesome accessibility the average Yosemite National Park visitor has to phenomenal sights and geography.

This pullout is on the main loop through the valley, just before you head back out of the park or make another loop around. That’s to say, it’s on the West end.

The Merced River calmly plods by when the waters are lower while Bridalveil Falls still impresses on the Southern Walls of the valley. El Capitan, ever the monolith that it is, monoliths to the North.

I filmed some VR180 video in the park on this glorious day last summer and will have a completed video ready for the masses, soon.

Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA, North America

Photograph copyright Peter West Carey. All rights reserved.

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