Win A Photo Shoot And Build A School


I have a soft spot for grassroots organizations trying to make a positive difference in this world.  I also have a soft spot for people who want to build schools and educate children.  I really BIG soft spot, actually.  So when fellow travel writers Debbie, Pam, Beth and Michelle asked if I could donate a prize for Passports With Purpose I was very eager to get involved.

And whoa nelly!!  Have they amassed some great prizes.  But let’s talk about my donation and how you can win!

No no no, wait, first the cause!  PwP’s website gives full details but basically these gals have the wonderful ambition to help get a school built in Cambodia through a group named American Assistance for Cambodia.  I absolutely love the concept and heartfelt drive behind this project.  They need $13,000 and already, as of this blog post, have $7500 raised!  ALL of the money raised goes to the charity.  100%

Now, here’s where you and I come in.  Towards this cause I’m donating a Family, Children or Individual Professional Photo Shoot.  The location of the shoot can be anywhere on location in the Puget Sound region or in my studio in Mukilteo.  This prize can be redeemed any time in 2009 or 2010 and it may be gifted to anyone you wish.  After the shoot you will receive a complimentary 8×10 print as well as all edited photos on a DVD for use as you wish.

To enter the drawing for this prize and a passel of other great items, check out the PwP Donations Page.  Each entry into a drawing is only a $10 donation and 100% of all donations go directly to AAfC, a 501 (c)(3) charity!  Enter as often as you like!  Good luck and I hope you, yes you, win!!

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  2. Keeley Goble

    I would lovet bulied a school for a poor town because the kids work and work and they need to learn to do well in life and i would like a photo shoot because i want to be a model so i can get money to help the poor kids in affica that dont get help !

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