Wide Open Spaces Of The Phobjikha Valley

Description: Pulling off the main (only) road across Bhutan, there is a quiet valley to the South called Phobjikha.

When I first visited in 2011 there was no electricity wired into the valley. Solar panels and generators with batteries were the main form of keeping the lights on past dark, and that was mainly for the tourists hotels.

The valley is a wide open, flat, fertile tract of lane that invites wandering. And black-necked Cranes! They migrate here from Tibet and we will have a chance to see them next March when you join the Far Horizon Culture, Colors & Countryside Photo Tour.

Six spots out of eight are available with a low deposit (fully refundable for Covid-related issues) requirement. Prices go up in May!

Title: Wide Open Spaces Of The Phobjikha Valley

Location: Phobjikha, Bhutan, Asia

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email)