Wandering Kathmandu’s Neighborhoods – Video

My time in Nepal and Bhutan this trip is dedicated to showing my four guests all the things I love about this region I return time and again. I have carved out 36 hours in Singapore on my way home just for me, but for now, my energy goes to my tours.

That being said, I have a little time before they show up to play with a new GoPro and my phone to share a slice of Kathmandu.

They might be a little boring, they might be a little mundane, but I’m also recording the videos to show my family back home what I’m experincing.

These posts won’t be a grand tour or even the coolest, most vibrant things. These videos are not meant to entertain or wow you, but rather, give you a glimpse into everyday Kathmandu.

There are plenty of “Top 10 Things You MUST SEE in Nepal” posts and you should go look at those if you want to be amazed. 🙂

I’m not sure how many installments I will post as this first one took over 36 hours to upload with the slow internet I have. Success was only achieved when jet lag had me up at 4am with a blissfully fast Internet.

But for now, enjoy the first installment of Wandering Kathmandu’s Neighborhoods.