Video Of The Day – Bellowing Humpback Whale

Title: Bellowing Humpback Whale

Location: Frederick Sound, Alaska, USA, North America (Find it here on a map)

Description: I have never heard a whale make this sound before. Granted, I’m not the foremost specialists in whale sounds, but I have spent about 14 days of my life watching them. Okay, not it sounds like I shouldn’t be talking at all.

I love the sounds of whales coming to the surface and exhaling. Maybe it’s because I can hear them at all. When I hear them, I’m usually out on the water and things are fairly calm and that adds to their majesty.

Watch the video and the first thing you hear is a regular exhale. But then a second whale surfaces…

(if you don’t see the video above, click here to watch it on the web)

This video was shot while I was teaching aboard the UnCruise Adventures Safari Endeavour in Frederick Sound, just off the southern tip of Admiralty Island. (Find a map here) I had been shooting stills of these three whales bubblenet feeding in the cold waters when I switched to video. The action gets boring, from a still photography standpoint, when the whales keep bobbing to the surface in a non-dramatic way. But they are still dramatic!

That’s the reason for the video. I was shooting with a heavy rig and over the tops of guests, so the steadiness is not the best. But you get the idea and hopefully can share in some amazement at these long-distance swimming leviathans.