Travel Blog School.Com Donates Class Seat To Passports With Purpose

Do you love to travel and communicate?  Have you often thought of starting your own travel blog or improving the one you started?  Do you enjoy learning from fun, energetic people, like Pam Mandel, Debbie Dubrow and Peter West Carey (yeah, me), who are passionate about travel, blogging and helping others enjoy both?

Then have I got a prize for you!!  Travel Blog is donating one spot in their inaugural class this April($650 value) to Passports With Purpose‘s efforts to help build a village in India with Friends Of LAFTI.  All it takes to enter is a $10 donation to Friends of LAFTI on Passports With Purpose’s donation page (make sure you choose the right prize!) for your entry into the random drawing on December 17, 2010.

What Is Travel Blog School?

Travel Blog School is two days of hands-on workshops in Seattle that will give you the tools to become a better writer, photographer, and blogger.  If you want your blog to be more than just a catalog of your travels, this course is for you.  Class size is limited to a dozen students to keep the learning intimate and relevant.  More info, including the bio of class teachers, can be found on the Travel Blog School.Com.

What Is Passports With Purpose?

Passports with Purpose is an annual Travel Bloggers’ fundraiser. In 2009, 90 bloggers participated and raised almost $30,000 to build a school in rural Cambodia (complete with a school nurse and a kitchen garden that provides each child a daily meal). In 2010, we have set our sights even higher. With your help, we will raise $50,000 to build a village, brick by brick, in rural India through our partnership with Friends of Lafti.

What Is Friends of LAFTI?

Friend’s of LAFTI’s mission is “To support Land for Tillers Freedom (LAFTI), a non profit, non-governmental  organization that gives impoverished families in India an opportunity to own land, receive training, build homes, earn their own income and give their children an education.”  Further, LAFTI’s mission is “to liberate Dalit (“untouchable”) women and their families from their misery and their servile bondage to the landlords in the Tanjore area, the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu.”

How Do I Help And How Do I Win?

Visit Passports With Purpose’s donation page.  You will be making a donation directly to Friends Of LAFTI on this page.  I take no money. Travel Blog School.Com takes no money.  Passports With Purpose takes no money from your donation.  100% of the donation goes to Friends of LAFTY, a 501(c)3 organization.

Once you are on the page, scroll down until you see the prize “Travel Blog School 2 Day Class”.  There’s a box to the right of that entry.  Simply type in the number of entries you would like (each entry is $10), enter your email address at the bottom of the page and click “Donate”.   Passports With Purpose will then grab your payment information and then it’s time to wait.  December 17th will dawn with a drawing for each prize and if you’re the lucky one, you will secure a spot in Travel Blog School’s 2 day class in April!!

Fine Print: Prize is non-refundable.  If the class is not held, for any reason, no refund of donation can be made.

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