This Week’s Guest Photographer Is Elora Turci

Elora Profile ImageYet more proof that those who subscribe to The Carey Adventures might eventually find themselves on the website itself, Elora is another from the ranks of TCA readers.  And it seems she grew up just a mere 100 miles to the North of me, in Vancouver, Canada.  Now living in Italy, Elora also runs her own personal photo of the day site which contains this picture of quite possibly the happiest looking insect I’ve ever seen.  I’m not normally an insect photo lover but just look at that guy!!  He’s seriously happy.

Elora’s blog, A Canadian in Italy, is an insightful look into her travels in and out of Italy.  As previously mentioned she has a daily photo posted at  I suggest you check out both to learn more about what influences her style as presented here, this very week, on The Carey Adventures.

1. Explain a bit about who you are and the type of photography that interests you most.

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and decided to come to Italy to bravely study and simply never left! Now I live in the city of Genoa, and write about my adventures on my blog: As for my photography, well, that has been a lifelong passion. I remember falling in love with it in high school, but stopping for a while when I came over to Italy due to the high costs of processing etc (I was, after all, a poor student!). Then digital came out and everything changed for me. I got a small 5 Mpx Panasonic Lumix and experimented with that, and then  “upgraded” to a Nikon Coolpix P50.

I would still love to get a DSLR, but am extremely happy with what I have got. I am still learning, and it is incredible how so many of the small things in life are overlooked daily. I take pictures of everything I can, from architecture to people to landscapes and nature. I love trying to experiment, trying out different angles and testing the camera settings to the limit. I also love to experiment in Post Processing – it is amazing what you can do! I can only continue to keep practicing and learning from my surroundings everyday!

2. If you could have a paid trip for 4 weeks anywhere in the world, just to photograph and report back, where would it be and why?

I think this is one of the hardest questions to answer, but strange as it may seem, to me the country I would love to explore the most is my own- Canada. It is a vast country with everything in it, unexplored and untouched nature, cities, the oceans, lakes and rivers. And strangely enough, I have only ever seen a tiny little corner of it!

3. Name two of your photography inspirations.

When I started learning about digital cameras I picked up a National Geographic Guide to Photography and there was an article in there by Robert Clark. He traveled the United States taking pictures with his cell phone camera. It was an eye opener for me, if he could take such beautiful pictures with a tiny cell phone camera, couldn’t I take them with my little Lumix? I think reading his article made me put in just that much more effort with each of my pictures, knowing that you don’t need a super camera to take a super picture.

Another photographer that inspires me is Don Smith, a fellow photoblogger. His landscape photographs are jaw dropping! But there are also so many amateur and professional photographers out there sharing their photographs and inspiring me every day!

4. What do you hope to convey to others through your photography?

The answer to this one is fairly simple: you don’t need anything fancy to take a good picture, just take it with your heart. The small, apparently unimportant things in life are much more important than you realize, so look for them, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!

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