The Start Of A Looooong Project

Description: The video below (you might need to click on it if you get this in email) is a short snippet of a larger project I have in mind. It’s going to take a few years, I’d guess.

The reconstruction is of two blocks in Winnetka, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Which is in Southern California. West Coast. North America. Earth.

I’m honestly not sure what’s going in here. There have been multiple plans over the 8+ years we’ve lived in the Valley and this latest one *I think* calls for condos and retail and apartments and maybe an events center and maybe a practice facility for the Rams? I don’t know.

What I do know is I live close enough that filming its progress is something of interest to me. I am plotting out a number of timelapse locations like this one with my drone. The great thing with this drone is you can plot a route and save it to the controller, so that it can be run over and over.

My ultimate goal is to record the tear down of the office building (they have already ripped up 70% of the parking lot that served as our local Covid testing area) and the old mall and then the construction of the new….whatever. I plan to record it from at least a dozen angles because who knows what will look good in 2-3-4 years. Also, I have to keep my distance because, cranes. It’s a bit of guess work.

As things progress and I have more to share, I will.

Location: See above

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