The Best Hotel Alarm Clock

Right up front, this is not something you want to buy for travel. This post is about almost finding the best alarm clock already at my hotel room.

Have you noticed that alarm clocks in hotels have morphed from this all purpose mini-entertainment center into what is now just an alarm clock, almost old school style? For one, I really appreciate this change because I thought it silly that alarm clocks in hotels had bluetooth and I was expected to figure out how hooking up to a clock to play music.

The industry seems to have caught on to the fact that we have our own speakers of one kind or another with us and really all we need on the bedside is a reminder of the time, an alarm and some charging.

Enter my first candidate for Perfect Hotel Alarm Clock.

I actually unplugged this clock when it was too bright, only to learn at the end of my trip that it dimmed! And dimmed all the way to black if need be. I love LOVED that it has these little side clocks! That makes it highly useful to people in either bed as well as the main clock on the front visible to the room.

Side Note: After posting these photos I noticed a battery indicator on the front screen showing about 25% battery remaining. This, to me, indicates the unit has a battery onboard to prevent the unit dying if the power cuts out. This should be put in big letters on the top as reassurance (early morning flights always deserve two alarm sources for this reason).

Also, gone are the radio dial or speakers. It has charging ports and it says one is ‘rapid USB charge’. One down side is it only has USB-A ports, or the old style as we are beginning to think. Not a deal breaker, but carrying two cables ‘just in case’ (USB-A and newer USB-C) still stinks.

To be honest, I thought this was THE clock. It’s small, has multiple faces, simple method for setting an alarm, charging. Perfect!

That’s until I saw this clock on a recent trip.

This is next level!

It is larger but that’s because it has a charging pad! I didn’t measure the voltage, but it worked well on my iPhone and I used it often because, no cables! (For the high security-minded, wireless is far superior to someone else’s USB port.)

And what’s that on the right side? USB-C! I doubt it is high power, but again, happy to see it, plus a USB-A on the other side to make it more versatile.

The instructions on the top are simple when it comes to setting the alarm. Plus it dims to black like the first model.

This would be the perfect hotel alarm clock if it incorporated the side displays (admitting that this clock was in a place with a single bed, so need for side displays in greatly decreased).

I ended up leaving the display on with it dimmed to the lowest setting and that was just right for getting sleep, but being able to see the time when I woke up and was trying to decide when to get out of bed (because blackout shades made it hard to judge time).

Since I’m not interested in buying a clock like this for me home (my phone stays elsewhere when I sleep and I have an analog alarm clock), I haven’t gone scouring the Internet to see if such a model exists. My cell phone connected to a charger is all I need while I travel to ensure I wake up.

And yet, I hope for a day when I stumble across a combination of these two clocks and reach hotel room alarm clock nirvana.

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