Thank You, Friendly Canadians

I really didn’t expect the friendly reception we have encountered in British Columbia.  I’m not sure WHAT I was expecting, but I’ve been bowled over with the friendly attitude in the Gulf Islands of BC.  We (Kelly from Travellious, Pam from Nerds Eye View and I)  have spent the past three days boating from island to island living as digital nomads, trying to get a feel for this sliver of Canada.  And what I’ve found is an overall friendly, welcoming attitude.

Do people know that we are “Internet celebrities” intent on discovering all we can find on a seven day RV based road trip through the islands?  Nope.  For the most part we are incognito.  As incognito as we can be in a 32′ RV. 

From the BC Ferries dock worker who jokingly relayed my comment that I lack confidence and have low self esteem when asked to back the RV (codename: Zamboni) onto a ferry, to the peppy gals at the Pender Island Bakery who acted shocked, but still handed me a double breakfast.  Everyone here has been cheery! 

We are only halfway through our trip and now in Victoria, settled down in a 300+ site RV park.  I believe this next leg, as we finish up on Vancouver Island, will be a good test of BC’s friendly attitude. 

I have little worry our Canadian neighbors will pull through, with a smile. 🙂

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  2. pwc Post author

    In thinking back, this post is STILL true. I can’t remember a surly (different than Surrey 🙂 ) face that helped us. I know it sounds like an exaggeration, and maybe it was just the relief from summer tourist season winding down, but those we came in contact with in the islands were all very kind!


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