Sunset Drive In New York City

Want to watch me take a drive around Manhattan?

It seems some people really do. While doing research, my business partner who runs Overflight Driving Plates found that there are people who will watch videos of people driving around a city for HOURS. Yes, hours.

I don’t know how much actual watch-time they get, but people are sometimes commenting on things they saw half way into an 80 minute video. It seems whacky.

So why not try it!

Pete (the business partner, not me talking about myself) and I have thousands of hours of footage that is essentially just driving around with a bunch of cameras on. It’s what we do and it pays well when TV shows and movies license the footage.

We decided to start a YouTube channel for what we believe is super boring content but evidently content that some people like. It’s a billboard for us and a creative use of the stuff we have just sitting on harddrives (and not going anywhere during these two strikes happening right now).

While we will be posting raw footage, I also thought it good to make ‘likable’ videos with music (we don’t record sound when we make our recordings).

Have a look at the first video, Sunset Drive In New York City. Watch it to the end and I’ll buy you an ice cream the next time we meet.

If you want to jump directly to any of the good stuff, use the links below:

00:00 – Start
00:12 – Upper East Side
03:06 – FDR Drive
09:43 – Brooklyn Bridge
12:05 – Brooklyn
12:31 – Manhattan Bridge
14:28 – Lower Manhattan
18:12 – Greenwich Village
20:36 – West Side Highway
23:40 – Upper West Side
30:57 – Henry Hudson Parkway

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