Sorry For The Deluge, Here’s A Pretty Hawk Photo

For those who subscribe to the RSS or email feed for The Carey Adventures, I apologize for the deluge of posts you saw yesterday and today (Friday). My instance of WordPress, the software that runs this site, was having problems and not sending out posts for two weeks. When I finally found the cause, it unleashed those two weeks of posts, plus three more this morning. I hope you at least enjoyed the images!

I set most Photo Of The Day posts to appear around 4-7AM Pacific Time so they are delivered in the morning in America and in the evening in other places this blog has a following, like India. Hopefully it did not turn you off to the content on the site.

Please accept this photo of a hawk, shot this morning, as an “I’m sorry” card for you.

Right Outside My Window

Some mornings are luckier than others. This morning I was sitting in my office and noticed a larger than normal bird fly to the pine tree in my neighbor’s yard. Taking a moment to look away from the daily flood of tweets and links and updates and whatnot, I spied a hawk just 100′ from me, at my level, more or less. Hastily, but cautiously so as to not spook it, I removed the bug screen from my window and took some test shots. As the bird was greatly back-lit by the gray morning clouds, I over exposed by a couple of stops, picked a high ISO to increase my shutter speed and steadied myself on the window sill.
The beautiful bird looked around for about three minutes, staring at me on occasion and then the moment I was waiting for; he started to stand and take off. This shot is just seconds after he or she lifted from the branch in search of breakfast.
I hope your morning has a little magic in it! And have a great weekend.

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  1. Biju

    Hi Peter
    That’s a great shot. Bravo!

    Just wanted to understand what lens did u use?
    This sort of pic would generally require quick autofocus…

    Thanks and best regards,


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