Romantic Travel Not Lost On The Single

Jacuzzi Tub at Port Ludlow Inn Back in February I received an email from The Clam Cannery asking if I’d like to head on over to Port Townsend and check out their nice, newly renovated hotel on the water.  So I took a look at their website to see what the story was (more info on the actual stay in another post).  What I found was a great looking spot that should be included in any “Best Places To Kiss” registry.  It was romantic.

And I’m single.

At first you might think this a problem or at least something of little interest to a single guy.  I certainly did.  I started thinking of friends I could call to bring along, rent-a-dates if you will.  It seemed to me you should be with someone to go to boutique hotel that is clearly in the romantic category (even if that person was not a romantic interest).  I just about declined the offer at that point thinking I wouldn’t fit in.

But I really liked the look of the place.  Just because I was single didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy that setting, did it?  So, in the near hallowed words of my friend John Miller, I said “Fuck it” to my worries about social stigmas (mostly made up in my mind) and replied with, “Sure!”.

I’ve since spent a night at the Clam Cannery, a day strolling around cute as a button Port Townsend and am now relaxing in another ‘romantic’ spot at the Inn At Port Ludlow.  It’s got a fire place, Jacuzzi tub like the Cannery and views of the water as well.  It’s quite romantic.  And I’m finding it’s actually very enjoyable to visit places like this as a single person.  I wasn’t expecting that, coming to the Peninsula, and I’m happily glad I am wrong.  Romance doesn’t exist just in the lives of those involved in a relationship, evidently.  Maybe if I just change the word romantic to idyllic.  It doesn’t matter, really, because it’s the same thing.  

And it’s a good reminder to those locations who normally advertise themselves to the couples crowd. They may be missing a segment of the population that would also love to come visit their romantic getaways.

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  1. Gray

    Nice insights, Peter! I think a lot of single people would shy away from romantic destinations/locations for fear they’d feel out of place, but don’t we all have a relationship with ourselves, too? I think places like that can be a nice way to shower a little love on yourself once in awhile.

  2. Miriam


    I’m glad to hear that you had an idyllic experience at The Resort At Port Ludlow, and it is good insight to not exclude the singles, who may be needing to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the daily life.

    The Clam Cannery too is a wonderful getaway, and Kevin the owner has done a nice job remodeling and converting for the leisure traveler.

    Happy travels!
    The Resort At Port Ludlow

  3. Melinda

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m recently single and just treated myself to a road trip to San Diego. Beaches, brewpubs, the zoo… all things I’m accustomed to sharing. But traveling alone turns out to be a great experience, albeit perhaps with a few more drawbacks for women than for men (safety, “charming” advances from men who can’t imagine that I MEAN to be alone). Idyllic for sure. We single folk deserve that, too!

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  5. uni tea

    I just had to leave a comment because I certainly know how it feels to be in one of the perfect honeymoon spots and I was with my bff!
    We hung out with the local staff, got discount on most services and still had the most memorable tropical island getaway..


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