Redwood Hostel

9:45pm 11/19/05

We made it to the hostel in the Redwoods. If you know anything about the Redwoods, you’ll know they are kinda spread all over and a mix of national and state parks. We are about 12 miles south of Crescent City and ride by the ocean. The two windows in our room evidently look out right to the ocean (it’s kinda dark now) but the sound of surf affirms the proximity. If the weather holds until tomorrow, we should have a great morning view. At $50/night for the private family room (which is set up like the others with mulitple bunks) it’s hard to beat. A full kitchen is available and we cooked some spaghetti for dinner along with a beer. We have to be out from 10am-5pm which makes sure people get out and see the area. They have a dial up internet connection on a common use desktop, so I won’t be updating the site for a while, as you will probably have notice since the updates went dead soon after we hit the coast. I actually sent a few off but they are waiting on my phone until I get a data connection.

Tomorrow we are planning on heading up Jedidiah State Park and some of the big trees up there. Sabrina commented in the car tonight that she wishes she could play more, so tomorrow will be a more relaxed day with minimal driving. It’ll be a 7 hour drive to San Fran and probably 30 minutes once we get there until a meet up with Liz and Jesse, so Monday will be more driving. We are thinking of hitting the Avenue of the Giants and/or the Trees of Mystery on the way south. Ironically, the Disney part of the trip will be the most relaxing and in one spot part of the trip. Granted, there will be more walking then.

I kinda wish we were able to do Sequoia National Park like we had planned, but lodging was very limited this time of year. The trunks of the Sequoias get up to 40′ across while the Coast Redwoods only get to around 20′. But the Coast Redwoods are taller so they make up for it. Some are taller than the Statue of Liberty (not that it is the tallest thing in the country).

It’s nearly time for my story. Hope things are ok ‘back in the world’.


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