Puget Sound Energy’s Power Supply Mix

energysupplyprofilechart I’ve often wondered where my power comes from.  Not my superhuman powers, I KNOW where those came from (radioactive grasshoppers).  I mean the stuff that comes out of the wall.  I like using rechargeable batteries and as I stared at some charging the other night I grew curious.  And it just so happened the new power bill came with a chart showing the pie chart you see at right.  I always thought more power came from renewable hydro, but alas nope.  Seems we get a decent portion from coal burning facilities in Montana.  PSE wants to get 10% of its power from true renewables (solar, wind, biomass) before 2013.  Good on them!  I enjoyed visiting the Wild Horse Wind Farm on our 4th of July trip this year and hope to see more of them sprouting up in the area.