Portable Power For The Road: Camping + Droning With AlphaESS BlackBee 1000

Promotional style photo with AlphaESS battery pack and graphics and a tent.If you want to keep alllll the things powered up on a road trip, the AlphaESS BlackBee 1000 is a sweet choice that can do 80% of what you need.

80%? It’s not perfect. For one thing, it can’t power a welder. Or charge your EV. Or launch a rocket.

But for everything else, like charging a drone, over and over, or keeping a car fridge nice and cold all day long or powering a laptop, this little beast can handle it.

I’ll have a full review coming out soon, but until then, enjoy this sample of what you can accomplish during a day of camping, photography and drones in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

This AlphaESS BlackBee was given to me in exchange for promotional photos I supplied to the manufacturer.