Port Townsend Building Side Advertisements

It’s montage time!!  Some quick hits for those that like the old style building painted billboards.  Port Townsend, on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, has quite a few, some dating back over a hundred years from the time when the town was founded.  Take a look!







3 Replies to “Port Townsend Building Side Advertisements”

  1. michael

    Thanks for the pics of my town. Even though I worked on the original Enjoy PT website, I’d recommend ptguide.com as the more complete and informative Port Townsend reference, especially since PT Guide does a much better job of giving photographers direct credit for their photos. It also avoids Flash.

  2. Everywhereist

    Love these! There aren’t too many like this in Seattle, but whenever I see them anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, my heart sings a little (it’s out of tune, but it still sings). I always feel like our coast is so “new” – so anything remotely old is awesome.


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