Well we maed it back from the pool and while our skin is still intact, I don’t think we’ll be going back. It wasn’t a horrid green, but it seemed the chlorine wore off some time during the Reagan Administration but the bacteria was too scared to populate it yet. It was cold and tasted pretty bad.

Sabrina and I played for a bit and then went to the hot tub. Which was hot. And green. The walls were green/brown at least and the water ‘seemed’ clear enough, but it was still scarey. The “exer-size” room was nothing more than a small alcove with a rowing like machine.

Fully living up to its two star rating (future note; do not go to pools in two star hotels)

nighty night

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  1. ike, mistie, 'n capri

    Eek! Our flight just landed on the ground in seatac @ 10:00. I’d rather be sleeping… Time for the drive home!

    We had a great time as well. Hope y’all fare ok gettin back home.

    Timer to stop typing on my sidekick before I catch hand cancer or something.



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