Photos From Hawaii’s Fish Market

The forecast for the day says “Highs In The 80s” as I grab my Polartech fleece jacket and wander down the hall of the Ohana Wikiki Beachcomber at 4:30am. My eyes are not fully open, even with the aid of a shower. How did I let the Nerd of Nerd’s Eye View talk me into this?

It’s the last day of my press trip to Hawaii and for once, nothing was on the docket. With a 1pm flight I had dreams of actually relaxing on the beach for once. I had seen beaches on this trip, but never had a solid two hours to just sit and people watch while grabbing as much Vitamin D as I could before heading back under the cloud cover of Seattle. But then Pam, The Nerd, mentioned the “…second largest open fish auction in the world and there are tons of fish and…” When Pam starts getting excited about something it is often infectious.

Because of her, I gave up my last morning, my last chance to sleep in, on the Islands to instead stand in a freezer for a couple of hours. I’ll admit, I was a bit excited. I was also concerned about which lens to use. I wouldn’t have a chance to switch while inside the cold or risk massive amounts of condensation inside the camera and lens. I also wasn’t sure if I’d hear the 4:30am wake up call. Packing two cameras the night before, I managed maybe three hours of sleep before my wake-up call.

What follows is a slideshow of our time at the auction thanks to Brooks Takenaka and the Honolulu Fish Auction. The photos are accompanied well with Pam’s great explanation of the auction workings. If you live on the West Coast of the USA, the tuna you eat most likely came through this auction. Notice the yellow fins of the yellowfin as well as the fogged up picture when we walked outside to the docks.

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