Photography Friday: How To Prepare for an African Safari

preview It’s Photography Friday!  Where I point you to the other stuff I write for people who pay me (which is why you don’t see a ton of photo advice on The Carey Adventures).  Today’s post comes from another site I write for called Photo Tuts+.  After traveling to Africa for safari they asked for some tips on preparing for such a trip.  And thus was penned The Photographer’s Guide to Preparing for an African Safari.   It covers such topics as:

  • Guidebooks, Maps and Videos
  • Photo Storage
  • Card Identification
  • Lens Selection
  • Let Your Operator and Driver Know Your Intent
  • Keeping Charged
  • Notes – Time To Write (with an actual except from my actual notes from actual Africa!)
  • Pop-Top or Roll-Top

I hope you enjoy it!