Photo Of The Day – Writings In The Fort


Title: Writing In The Fort

Location: Alcazaba Fort, Malaga, Spain

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey

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2 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Writings In The Fort”

  1. Carol

    When I’m out of town for a lengthy time, I suspend my subscription– so I’m back again.

    In the past you indicated some metadata with each photo of the Day–such as lens used, AV and TV, etc. I really liked that because it helps me to learn. Any chance you will start doing that again?

  2. Peter West Carey Post author

    Hi Carol! On the metadata question, I don’t always put it in if I 1) am pressed for time and 2) think it’s not needed because things are fairly basic. I think this shot should have had it included but was pressed for time.
    ISO 200
    Focal Length 16mm
    Shutter Speed 1/60
    Aperture f/4
    Exp Comp 0
    Camera Canon 5D
    Lens 16-35mm L
    In Lightroom 3.0
    Exposure +.1
    Recovery +57
    Fill Light +20
    Blacks +8
    Brightness +50
    Contrast +48
    Clarity +25
    Vibrance +15

    Thanks for commenting!


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