Photo Of The Day – Wormsloe – Lynne Daley


Title: Wormsloe

Location: Georgia, USA

Description: The oak lined avenue leading to the tabby ruins of  the home of Noble Jones, a physician who came to settle Georgia along with James Oglethorpe in 1733. The photo is actually two digital photos sandwiched together, one shot at f/22, +2 stops over, the second one is shot at the widest aperture on the lens at +1 stop over and defocused.  Then sandwiched together for the final photo. It takes some practice to get the effect desired.

Photograph Copyright Lynne Daley

9 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Wormsloe – Lynne Daley”

  1. Steve Gallow

    WOW!!! This is a VERY cool effect. I love it. I like how the effect of the colors. Thank you for sharing your technique. I was wondering how you did it.

    This is just stunning.

    Well done. You’re very talented.

  2. bluechameleon

    Straight of a fairy tale or perhaps the beginning of a ghost story. I’ve never been to the deep south, but I would imagine it to look like this. So steeped in history, the secret of the mosses as they whisper from the trees.

  3. Dominique

    It -does- look a little like an Impressionist painting! It has a real ghostly quality, and you almost expect to see some of the 1730s residents to come drifting through the scene.

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  5. Gabriel Meyer

    Very nice photo…congratulations…I love new techniques, they get uss all a little away the repetitive “photo hunting”

    Bravo and thanks for sharing….I will give it a try

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