Photo Of The Day – Vespa – Jessica Spiegel


Title: Vespa

Location: Naples, Italy

Description: I was prepared to dislike Naples, but ended up falling in love with it on my first visit. I purposefully limited my exploring to the historic center of the city, and felt like I could have wandered aimlessly in that small area for weeks with my camera, happily snapping away. Even the historic center was by no means quiet or desolate, but I turned one corner and found myself alone on a sidestreet with this beat-up sky-blue Vespa. I didn’t want to take a photo, I wanted to ride the Vespa home. Still do.

Photograph Copyright Jessica Spiegel (Her photos will be featured this week, subscribe to receive them all!)

4 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Vespa – Jessica Spiegel”

  1. Livia

    It is impossible to dislike Naples. Unfortunately many people say very bad things about my beloved hometown and most of the times they’ve not even been there. It’s a town with a character of its own, something that only few cities have in the world.

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