Photo Of The Day – Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Title: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA, North America ( 34°7’37” N 118°32’35” W)

Description: Did I mention not everything this year will be pretty sunsets and spectacular, vivid images? Sometimes life isn’t always that way.

And sometimes the adventures are close to home.

Today Nimmi and I continued our not so regular tradition of a hike on New Years Day, having previously walked/ran to the Hollywood Sign from the faaaarrrr parking lot. The running part was because of running out of daylight on the way back. Oops.

Today we walked along Dirt Mullholand Drive, not to be confused with the David Lynch movie Mullholland Dr. It is located at the Northern edge of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which is vying for the longest name in the National Parks System.

Being new to the area, I knew nothing about this Recreation Area but now want to spend a lot more time exploring the 500+ miles of trails almost in my backyard (minus the drone though, as they are banned).

There is a balanced rock much like the one in Arches National Park, a Nike Missile Radar site from the Cold War Era, a movie studio ranch, and cougars. Real cougars. I hope to not see them, though.

This time of year the mountains start turning green. I know the photo above doesn’t scream of the lush jungles in Belize, but it’s quite green compared to the brown of this summer. With all the rain on the way, they will only get greener!

It is also weird to think this area, which mixes with Topanga State Park at times, is technically within Los Angeles city limits. Here’s the map for LA and here’s the map of the park. Drop in the coordinates above and you’ll see where this image was shot.


Camera Canon 7D Mark II
Lens Canon 28-300mm L
ISO 100
Focal Length 40mm
Aperture f/5
Shutter Speed 1/250
Altitude 1553′

Photograph Copyright 2016 Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).

Prints of this image are available here if you want professional quality shipped to your home.

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