Photo Of The Day – On A Boat


Title: On A Boat

Location: Bellingham Bay, Bellingham, Washington, USA

Description: Oh, I know the whole “I’m on a boat” thing is old and beaten by now, but sometimes I still like it.  In this case, we were out on a sail courtesy of Gato Verde Adventure Sailing and Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism on a foggy morning aboard Gato Verde’s catamaran.  The cool thing about the Cat (Gato=cat, Verde=green) is it has a hybrid diesel-electric engine and can run on the electric side of things for a solid two hours per charge.  It’s the only such chartered boat on the west coast of the USA and is a pleasure to motor when the electric engines are running (and even nicer when the sails are up!).  For our two hour sail we used only 2kWs of power which costs about $.20 and zero emissions from the boat. Have I mentioned just how much I love salt water and being on it?  I do I do I do.

The fine looking model in the photos is no other than the indomitable Abbie Mood.

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey

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