3 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Olympic Sunset”

  1. TheWordWire

    Oh how this just made me smile! I’ve been to Whidbey Island once — it wasn’t on our itinerary, but we ended up there from the ferry off the Olympic Peninsula when we were headed inland. We got there just in time to catch an absolutely magical sunset, and decided to stay the night. Good memory. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Friday!

  2. Valerie

    Hi there. I’m still looking at your work regularly but it’s been a while since I commented. Just curious if you have a http://www.tumblr.com account. I’m selfish, but it would be so easy to follow you and get a daily dose of your beautiful creations on tumblr. If you have and account or get one, please let me know so I can follow you and share your pictures with others too.


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