Photo Of The Day – Nature’s Fingerprints

Title: Nature’s Fingerprints

Location: Saratoga Woods, Whidbey Island, Washington, United States, North America (48°3’20” N 122°27’39” W)

Description: Cold temperatures are gripping the Puget Sound, crafting interesting patterns as they freeze the ground and all that is on it.

For an even cooler example of what the temperatures can do, check out these images of an ice circle in the Snoqualmie River captured by Kaylyn Messer.

Camera Apple iPhone 6
Lens 4.15mm
ISO 125
Focal Length 4.15mm
Aperture f/2.2
Shutter Speed 1/200
Altitude 302

Photograph Copyright 2016 Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).

Prints of this image are available here if you want professional quality shipped to your home.

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