Photo Of The Day – Marina – Lynne Daley


Title: Marina

Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA

Description:  Photographed  with a Lensbaby after a tropical storm passed through Savannah, Georgia,  The lone boat seemed to make it through the storm without any apparent damage.

Photograph Copyright Lynne Daley

4 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Marina – Lynne Daley”

  1. Giovanni

    I am not convinced about the use of the lenbaby. I find it imposes a limit on the perspective of the snap. Were you trying to portray the fury of the storm in the wake of it?

  2. Lynne

    Hi Everyone,
    Just saw these comments-sorry I haven’t responded. I used the original Lensbaby 2.0 which I believe is a 50 mm lens. I could be wrong. I just wanted to show the calm after the storm-how the little boat managed to come through the winds and rain without damage.


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