Photo Of The Day – Machu Picchu Panorama Exploration

I’m happy to announce a new feature I’ll be toying with more as time goes on: Panorama ‘tours’. You’ve seen these on other websites and thanks to the sending me some software to create my own, I will start posting panoramic images you can zoom and drag around.

So check out this first installment from Machu Picchu. I’m still getting used to the program and will be creating more panoramas as time goes on (possibly even 360 degree versions).

To use this image, simple click and drag to move around. Use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out, or use [Shift] to zoom in and [CTRL] to zoom out.  And if you want to turn things up a notch, right click and choose “Fullscreen”. Have fun!
[pano file=”” w=”900″ h=”500″]

Title: Machu Picchu Panorama Exploration

Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

Description: It’s Machu Picchu, but all zoomable and stuff.

Shot with a Canon 7D and Canon 10-22mm EF lens. I shot this with bracketing, meaning I took one shot at the camera’s prescribed exposure, then one shot over-exposed by a stop and one shot under-exposed. I then combined the images in the computer and stitched them together using Kolor’s AutoPano Giga software which handled all the magic.

Photographs Creative Commons Copyright Peter West Carey

Note: You likely won’t see the image above if you are reading this via email or some RSS viewers. Click the page link to be taken to a full view.

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