Photo Of The Day – Lake Louise Panorama

Stitched Panorama

Title: Lake Louise Panorama

Location: Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Stitched together from 37 photographs and encompassing about 320 degrees of range, Lake Louise in all it’s frozen glory.

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey

2 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Lake Louise Panorama”

  1. D. Travis North

    Awesome shot…love the contrast in the scene – especially on the right side where you can see the trail going up the hill.

    37 photographs? I’m assuming you have photos stacked horizontally and vertically?

    Who’s the captured shooter?

  2. Peter West Carey Post author

    It was 37 vertical shots, moving pretty slowly and keeping the horizon in the center, since I didn’t have my tripod. 16mm lens.

    The shooter is Trevor (0rovert on Twitter), who was kind enough to meet a complete stranger and show me around Lake Louise.


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