4 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – I Want Your Nuts – David Apluche”

  1. Amara

    I found your blog via my tweeps on @amazinglyamara . This is a great display of how important using a high quality camera can be, I love the depth in this pic. Do you suggest any beginner books for people who maybe have a simple click and shoot camera, but are interested in learning more about photography?

  2. David Alpuche

    Hi, this photo is mine, I’m glad you liked it!

    I’ve never gone to a formal photography class, and I got my first camera just a few years ago, a digital point and shoot. My recommendation would not be a book, but a cheaper alternative: the internet. There is NOTHING you can’t find online, and if you really want to learn, you will.

    Join forums, post photos online (not flicker, real photography forums, art sites), make friends with people with more experience, ask questions, critique other people’s work even if you don’t know technical terms (don’t be one of those lurkers, they don’t learn), look photos everyday, surround yourself with them… in a few months you will be learning the rules, what works, what doesn’t, what your camera can do, what can’t…

    Phew… I think you get my point, if you want to do it, you will with a little help from your friend google and patience.

  3. Steve Gallow

    Another fantastic photo. There are so many stories in this photograph. All my thoughts are anthropomorphic as I create them. Great work, and great catch.

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