Photo Of The Day – Full Moon Rising Over Puget Sound

Full Moon Rising

Title: Full Moon Rising Over Puget Sound

Location: Clinton, Washington, USA

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey

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9 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Full Moon Rising Over Puget Sound”

  1. Peter West Carey Post author

    Thanks everyone!
    Amie, it’s a straight forward shot from the roof of my truck. I took it in part for a tutorial that’ll be posted on another site later (I’ll link when it’s up).
    When the moon first came up I was parked further to the left and the moon was right over the roof. Not a good composition. I pulled forward as far as I could go and got lucky that the composition lined up right.
    I had to underexpose the shot by about 4 stops, of use spot metering right on the moon.
    I then made a few adjustments to the over light and a spot burn in Photoshop for just the moon. Really, nothing you can’t do in a real darkroom (yes, I learned to use one of those many decades ago).

    Long story short: practice. I’ve got plenty of bad shots over the years.

  2. Kymri

    I used to love watching the moon set from the other side, over the Olympics. That’s a beautiful shot! I appreciate your comments on what it took technically – I’ve taken notes!

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