Photo Of The Day – Corals In The Caribbean

Title: Corals In The Caribbean

Location: San Blas Islands, Panama, Central America (9°30’39” N 78°37’10” W)

Description: I love the ocean and being beneath the waves. Exploring, seeing all kinds of things we never see above the waves and realizing there is a whole world just below the surface.

On my last assignment for UnCruise Adventures, shooting the Safari Voyager in Panama, we had plenty of opportunity to marvel at the underwater world. I was excited by the number of corals and the variety of fish.

While the seas have lost, by some estimates, over 60% of their coral in the last 50 years, I find it important to spread the word of how magnificent and important these invertebrates are to our world. Without corals, fish populations fall off and so do the fish and mammals that feed on those fish. It ripples.

I don’t have a solution for the loss of corals, but I do know it’s important to remind everyone of the beauty we still have in our oceans.

Camera Sony RX-100 V with Ikelite Underwater case
Lens Zeiss 24-70mm
ISO 800
Focal Length 30mm
Aperture f/6.3
Shutter Speed 1/60
Altitude -7′

Photograph Copyright 2017 Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).

Prints of this image are available here if you want professional quality shipped to your home.

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