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Title: Cookies!


I made cookies on Friday. I also said a lot of grateful prayers. In fact, my husband and I have been saying a lot of thankful prayers in the last few months. When I read the news headlines Friday morning that unemployment rose to a high of 6.7% last month, I could only give thanks. Our little family knows unemployment quite intimately. For approximately 7 months out of last year my husband was unemployed. That’s 100% for this household. It’s scary. It rocks your confidence. It’s easy to lose hope.

So as I read the article about unemployment, thinking about the many unemployed people who are foreclosing, scared, and homeless, I felt compelled to do a little something to say thanks to Matt and his new company. I baked a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies and delivered them to the office. This may sound like a trivial response compared to the big issue at hand, but it was my way of expressing gratitude for life, employment, and even chocolate chip cookies.

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As a side note, I recently discovered Kitchen Gadget Girl’s Cookie Thursday.  Check it out for new cookie recipes each week.

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  1. Gudrun

    thanks for the shout out! Love this cookie photo by Alina, makes me want to bake something right now. And I am enjoying your blog – I also share an interest in travel, especially when I can combine that with food. 🙂


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