Photo Of The Day – Colorful Macaws

Location: Rio Madre de Dios, Amazon Basin, Peru, South America
Description: On my first trip to the Amazon basin, everything was amazing. The thick, impenetrable nature of the jungle overhanging the banks of the river. The non-stop sounds. The humidity. The tarantulas.
And these macaws. I has seen them in the zoo before but the amazing thing about seeing them in the wild is starting to get bored with them. It is inevitable. The first spotting, I shot maybe 30 images in bad light. By the end of my week long stay on the river I was scarcely give them a glance. Lame, I know, but when there is so much sensory input, my mind needs to filter a little.
And that is why I am happy for the photos, so I can be excited again about seeing these amazingly colorful birds.


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