Photo Of The Day – Bald Eagle On The Dock

Title: Bald Eagle On The Dock


Location: Waterfall Resort, Alaska, USA, North America

Description: Last week I had the joy of teaching a Summer Solstice Workshop (and shooting some of my own photos) at Waterfall Resort in Alaska.

Bald eagles are not endangered in Alaska and in the coastal areas they are quite plentiful. Most people forget they are scavengers and there are plenty of images of these majestic birds circling garbage dumps.

This bird was feasting on the scraps thrown off by Waterfall after they cleaned guest’s fish. There is a big dumping box (taken out to sea and dumped daily, to the enjoyment of many craps and other underwater creatures) and before it is emptied the eagles have a go. You can see a little fresh salmon sashimi on the beak of this beautiful bird.


Camera Canon 7D Mark II
Lens Tamron SP 150-600mm
ISO 800
Focal Length 600mm
Aperture f/9
Shutter Speed 1/50
Altitude Sea Level

For a while I am going to ask for your assistance in helping those in Nepal rebuild their lives. Average citizens don’t have insurance and I would not trust the inept and corrupt government to help where it is needed most.

I am going to focus on two non-profits I know have ties in the country (read: employees with families who understand where funds can help the most) for my pleas for assistance.

The first is Planeterra, a non-profit run by G Adventures. The second is the Paldorje Sherpa Foundation run by Sherpa Adventure Gear. Both of these charities are run by their parent company, who covers all their overhead so that 100% of donations go to those in need. Both of these companies do the right thing and care for the people of Nepal greatly. Both have funds set up specifically to help quake victims.

Please consider donating today.


Photograph Copyright 2015 Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).

Prints of this image are available here if you want professional quality shipped to your home.