Photo Of The Day – Alberta Ice

Title: Alberta Ice

Location: Alberta, Canada, North America

Description: High in the Rocky Mountains, beautiful blue ice drapes over narrow canyons making for excellent ice climbing.

Camera Canon 5D
Lens Canon EF 10-22mm
Shutter Speed 1/250
Aperture f/8
ISO 50
Focal Length 60mm

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey

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3 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Alberta Ice”

  1. wade oshust

    first I must say thanks for sharing your photography wisdom & pics…you are a great photographer and your pictures even more so….question to you why did you leave full frame 5 d for 7d ?? I shoot with a k3 great camera it is…weather sealed for I shoot outdoors .. I had a mishap of a loss of footing this year in jasper ab I slid a slide … ouch and the k3 survived better than I . thought about upgrading to the 5dmk3…think its one of the best cams available ?…but

    • Peter West Carey Post author

      At the time the video on the 7D was better, so I went with that. Also, it had a sensor cleaning feature the original 5D never had and that was a BIG selling point as the sensor became dirty very easily on the old 5D.

      The 5D Mark III is a solid camera and I’m considering moving over, possibly. It’s great for wide angle work and low light.


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