Photo Of The Day – Abandoned House, Montana – Drewe Zanki

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Title: Abandoned House

Location: Montana

Description: Getting into a theme here – one day after working in Three Forks, Montana, I just started driving down random dirt roads. Almost at the end of them all I found this abandoned house – and I just loved the colors. The texture and color you can find in abandoned places is almost always amazing – just be careful 😀

Photograph Copyright Drewe Zanki

5 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Abandoned House, Montana – Drewe Zanki”

  1. Gudrun

    I agree, those colors are outstanding. Especially love the green around the frame, that is then carried into the house around the peeling paint. Beautiful photo!

  2. Dominique

    I love the frame within a frame, within a frame, within a frame effect. Reminds me a bit of Port Oneida in northern Michigan…that was a great place to take photos as well.

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