Photo Of The Day – Crater Lake Aerial View

Crater Lake

Title: Crater Lake Aerial View

Location: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA, North America

Description: I love flying over Crater Lake and I don’t get to see it often as I’m usually on the other side of the plane, hoping for a view of Yosemite and the Sierra Mountains. But once in a while circumstances get me nice and close for a chance to appreciate this natural wonder.

I like to imagine the mountain as whole again and I try to scale it in front of my eyes. Follow the slopes you see to the crater rim and imagine them following up to a peak. That peak was about 12,000′ high, about 3,500′ higher than the current crater rim. It was a stratovolcano, having been built up by tens of thousands of years of eruptions and flows. It will likely keep going on that route and may one day completely empty.

The eruption that created Crater Lake happened about 7600 years ago, relatively recently. It took a while for the lake to form and then subsequent eruptions to create the likes of Wizard Island, visible along the far short in this photo.

It’s an amazing landscape and is well worth the visit. The land around the lake is equally worth a trip, including the Rogue River and Cascade Mountains. If you want a view taken from the crater rim, click here.

Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Canon 28-300mm L
ISO: 800
Focal Length: 180mm
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/125
Altitude: probably 37,000′

Photograph Copyright 2018 Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).
Prints of this image are available here if you want professional quality shipped to your home.


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