Petra By Night

Petra By Night is a special occasion to experience the majesty of one of Jordan‘s crown jewels as lit by hundreds of luminaries after the sun has set. The crowds are less, the heat of the day is gone and a hushed calm pervades the burnt, orange sandstone walls.

The event is run only a few nights a week (check schedules here) and includes classic Bedouin folk music and storytelling. After winding down the Siq, with its hundred foot high cliffs and narrow passage, visitors emerge to a grand scene in front of the Treasury.

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The sun setting over distant hills in Wadi Musa is a great end to the day and the start of Petra By Night.

The first view of the Siq, light by hundreds of candles down its length.

The Big Dipper makes an appearance heading down the Siq toward the Treasury. A light from a passing visitor is seen at right in the image.

Upon exiting the Siq, guests are greeted with this site. While I take pictures for a living, pictures can not do this marvel true justice.

A super long 10 minute exposure of the Treasury allows for the starts to streak overhead.

Getting closer, the Treasury holds mystery within its walls.

The magic in this place is palpable. Sitting quietly, soaking it all in, time and place slip away and beauty, man-made and natural, is all that is left.

3 Replies to “Petra By Night”

  1. Daniel


    Love the long exposure shot and the from looking inside/out from the Treasury.

    Also just saw the photo your daughter shot at Wadi Rum, awesome she has her own watermark. And, gets to experience all this with you…



  2. Gay Travel Herald

    I’m planning my first visit to Petra next year and until I saw your photo’s I never thought of visiting at night. Thanks for the inspiration, now I have to find a way to fit the night event into my schedule.


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