Old Faithful Without The Crowds

Description: If you want Old Faithful without the crowds, you need to get up early. This is the scene in June a few minutes before the eruption at 7:22am.

Peaceful and great weather, the summer has its advantages. Mainly that the sun comes up at pretty much 5:40am for the entire month of June. Sure, it’s cold and if the wind is blowing it can be a bit miserable.

But the lack of crowds…the stillness of the air even so close to the lodge. It seems like a whole other world from what you will find at noon.

While I do have a classic photo of the geyser erupting, I didn’t have one showing just how peaceful it can be because I was one of those people on the bench, just enjoying Nature’s show at a safe distance.

Old Faithful Without The Crowds just before an eruption.

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, North America

Photograph copyright Peter West Carey. All Rights Reserved.

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