Next Journey: Ecuador and Patagonia

Kim is currently out of school and while we have the time, I’m planning another adventure rather quickly.  My plan is to head to Patagonia and maybe Ecuador leaving this coming weekend.  I still have to buy tickets so I’m not 100% sure yet.  I’ll be back around the 5th of December if all goes as planned.

I’ve wanted to head to Patagonia for quite a while and while I’d love to have Kim and Sabrina with me, they are planning on heading to PA for Thanksgiving this year.  So I’ll be solo, which works as well.  My plan is to head to Santiago and then catch a local flight to Bariloche or maybe El Calafate.  Another crazy idea is to rent a car and drive across the Andes and visit James’ brother in Argentina, before heading south.  Of course, I need to mention this to James first.  🙂

I think I’ll bring the laptop and Canon camera.  I’d like to try blogging about it as I go but don’t want to force myself to.  As it is, I’ve only got 2 days of the Nepal trip written with 19 more to go and here I’d be interspersing with a South America trip.  So maybe I’ll just take notes as I did before and write it up upon my return.  Either way, I’m not going to pressure myself too much to do either.  Most important is to just experience the area for what it is.  I’ve had some friends head down there before and give me some insight and pictures (thanks Ray!  And Liz, I’d love the hiking map!).

Patagonia is a large area and I don’t plan to see it all.  Ecuador was kinda an odd thought initially when the trip was shorter.  I’ve never been and I’d love to see where the good chocolate comes from.  I’m trying to work with a chocolate manufacturer with operations in Ecuador to write up a story for as well as maybe a mainstream publication.  Plus they have some bitchin’ rafting which is one thing I really, really want to do on this trip.  Trekking in Nepal along those rivers reminded me of how much I missed being near and on them.  I love water and especially the moving kind.

If you have any advice or words of wisdom, please pass them along in the comments section below.

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  1. eileen

    Hey, I just came here after having been invited on (and having to bail on) your upcoming roadtrip with Nerdseyeview.

    I don’t know when this post was from (somehow missed the date), but if you ever do end up making this trip, be sure to contact me and I’ll try to help with any logistical stuff you need answers to. I’ve been living in Santiago for 5 years and have been around quite a bit of the place, plus surrounding countries. And I lived in Ecuador for a couple of months a while ago.

    Also I loved your post about father-daughter camping. It was beautiful.

    Have a safe trip to Chicago, and maybe we’ll see each other there!


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