Nepal Photo Trek Welcome Kit / Treasure Chest

I can finally show you what I’ve been excited about since the first reveal of my Nepal Photo Trek Welcome Kit/Treasure Chest!

For my second go around offering photo tours in Southeast Asia (Nepal and Bhutan) I wanted to up my game and exceed guests’ expectations. For me, that means from my first interaction, usually through email, until after we return from the trip.

Kicking things off, I want guest to get excited about the trip from the time they put down their deposit until we meet in Kathmandu, Nepal or Bangkok (for the flight to Paro, Bhutan). That’s why I decided to send the Treasure Chest you see above.

What’s In The Treasure Chest?

So much packed into one kit, let’s go through it:

  • The box! The box itself is a keepsake Treasure Chest. When I travel I love keeping all my entry tickets, boarding passes, room keys and other odds and ends to trigger happy memories years after the trip. That’s why I’m giving guests a ready-made Treasure Chest with NEPAL 2019 emblazoned on the front. It’s just the right size for mementos and a few printed photos (because we need to print more photos these days, not just leave them on your computer!).
  • Luggage Scale – When we fly to the Himalayas from Kathmandu there are weight limits (before you pay a fee) of 15kg for checked and 5kg for carry-on. Plus international carriers to Nepal have their own limits. I use this handy luggage scale to make sure I am within limits when traveling domestically or internationally. PLUS! It has a flashlight and USB connection so it works as a phone charger.
  • Nepali Phrasebook – When I started traveling to Nepal 10 years ago there were not a lot of options for phrasebooks. I’m glad Lonely Planet has put out this great resource and I think it will be useful for all who travel to Nepal. Heck, I’m still learning a lot of Nepali and always have room to learn more!
  • Nepali Incense – Direct from Nepal, these incense will bring the fragrance and aura of Nepal into any home. Whether you’re into meditation or just like smelly things, scents are a great way to connect with a location. After the trip they will be even more valuable to help transport guests back to the mountains.
  • Custom Luggage Tags – Not just any ordinary luggage tags, these tags are customized with guests’ contact information on the reverse side. Plus they are colored Far Horizon’s trademark cheerful orange, making guests’ bags easy to find on any airport luggage carousel. Three are included.
  • Pens – Who doesn’t love pens? I hoard them and write about them sometimes. Not just pens, these fine writing implements have the fancy rubber tip to use with phones and tablets.
  • Lukla to Gokyo Trekking Map – I. Love. Maps. They instantly transport viewers to another realm full of wonder and mystery. Is that a cliff or a valley? How long would it take to get from here to there? What’s the elevation in Machermo? Coupled with an included Itinerary From Which To Deviate, guests can scope out our route and have an idea of where we’ll be going.
  • Coupons For Mindshift and ThinkTank Bags – I use a ThinkTank bag weekly and I love my Mindshift Rotation 180 Pro bag for photo adventures. The Mindshift is a little big for everyday use, but on the trail in Nepal it allows me to carry all the extra gear a guide carries, plus it keeps my camera close to hand for when we spot yetis. Both companies have plenty of size options available.
  • Cameradrive – It’s not a thumbdrive, it’s a custom branded cameradrive! Pull off the lens and you have yourself an 8GB USB drive that contains all the vital welcome documents guests need. This includes a Packing List and full FAQ, along with a welcome letter and registration form. My hope is 8GB will be useful for everyday needs. PLUS! My step-daughter found out the drive works as a pencil eraser as well. I love dual-use items.

That’s the kit! I’m excited and will order a treasure chest for myself before we head to Nepal in 2019.

Want your own Unforgettable Himalayas Photo Trek 2019 Treasure Chest? Only three spots remain for the 2019 trip and you can sign up here or email me for more information.