Nepal And Bhutan Photo Tours Are Set For 2023

I am happy to announce two photo tours to Nepal and Bhutan have been rescheduled to 2023!

Nepal’s Wildlife, Temples & Vistas Photo Tour is 14 days long while Bhutan’s Culture, Colors & Countryside Photo Tour is 13 days. The truly adventurous will combine both trips into a month-long extravaganza of exploring Southeast Asia.

Each trip is capped at eight (8) guests and we will be accompanied by a local guide as well as a driver when needed. This leaves me free to help you with your photography and editing skills. Currently four (4) spots on both tours are booked.

Starting in Nepal, we’ll spend a number of days in and around Kathmandu discovering the pulse and life in this enchanting valley. UNESCO World Heritage Sites abound in the valley and we’ll be sure to visit at least six on this entire trip. Included in the price is a flight-seeing trip where you will be guaranteed a window seat for a close up view of the Himalayas without the need for trekking weeks on end. Then it is off to Pokhara where we’ll spend a few days before taking a drive through the lower mountains and foothills of Nepal. We’ll visit the birthplace of Buddha and Chitwan National Park for a chance to photograph rhinos and tigers, luck willing!

Bhutan’s adventure is also van-based and culture-centric. Thimphu is our starting point and it is the capital of Bhutan, boasting the fact that it does not contain a single stoplight. The pace is slower than Nepal and whereas Nepal sees a mix of buddhism and hinduism, Bhutan is predominately buddhist. Mountain passes and smaller towns, each with multiple temples and rivers, dot the countryside as we cover about half of the country’s width. Old fortifications, known as dzongs, exist as both seats of government and religion in each region and are rich in the country’s history. Timing of festivals is always in flux in Bhutan but our hope is to join in a celebration on this trip. Bhutan is known for measuring Gross National Happiness since 1972.

Nepal’s full, day-by-day itinerary and a FAQ can be found here. Bhutan’s same information is here.

If you would like to see galleries of images captured on previous tours, head here for Nepal and here for Bhutan.

Non-photographers are welcome on the trip if they understand what they are in for. Basically, we have our general itinerary, but at any time we might divert if the light or subjects strike us. Sometimes we’ll spend an hour in one location out in a field waiting for the light or capturing a time-lapse to be edited later that night (or back home). Luckily, the local guides who accompany us on the tour are available to help non-photographers explore further while we take photos, if they desire.

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