Neon In Aqaba, Jordan

I didn’t expect to find so much neon in Aqaba, Jordan. Not that neon is unheard of in the country, but for some reason there seems to be a larger concentration of the gas in tubes in this town.

My daughter and I were strolling back to our hotel from the far side of the market one night when I started noticing neon everywhere. We couldn’t stand on a street corner without glimpsing some bright form of the glass art, typically beckoning us to a restaurant.  As we were wandering around at night, I was a little more guarded, keeping an eye on my daughter and one hand on my camera bag, not wanting to flash around my expensive camera.

But as we walked further and the tempo of the night made itself known, I relaxed. Families were out shopping, choosing to avoid the heat of the day. The atmosphere was a little festive with groups heading out to dinner or to get groceries. The longer we meandered, the more comfortable the town felt.

It wasn’t until we were almost back to our hotel that I began snapping shots of some of the neon signs. The largest sign, atop a hotel, had just shot off and I missed bagging it for the prize it is. But these smaller renditions will give you an idea of how Aqaba lights up the night with colorful neon signs. <Click on an image for a larger version>

Our trip to Jordan was covered by the Jordan Tourism Board, but never once did they insist, “You HAVE to come here to take pictures of our neon!!” The images and words are my own.

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