My 7 Links – Self Indulgence And Being Forced To Read Your Own Stuff…Yum!

There’s a project going around to post a link to seven different stories on your own blog. It’s kinda fun, it’s kinda cool and I was graciously tagged by Dog Jaunt so now I am frantically searching my stats to find some answers. And answers I do have! Or at least some cleverly disguised lies. You be the judge.

1. My Most Beautiful Post

My first time swimming with dolphins would have to be up there on the list. I didn’t capture it perfectly, but I tried. It’s one of those posts that’s more for me any way. That was a magical moment I wish everyone could experience. It will never leave my mind and reminds me of how out of place we are at times and how beautiful life can be in the water.

2. My Most Popular Post

This one is easy for a good reason; I meant it to be. Welcome To 31 Days To Better Photography is the content page for my month long project to help people learn more about photography. It’s linked to from various places and I use it in a byline or two.

3. My Most Controversial Post

I’m going to step off my own blog here because nothing I type here is really that controversial. Pretty sunsets don’t usually start internet flame wars. Let’s jump over to my post on Digital Photography School about Knowing My Limits – Why I Don’t Do HDR. I thought it was solid in my mind, but I screwed up the wording in one sentence and learned that 40% of people reading a post online miss the point or understand it differently. I deleted a lot of comments on there that were insulting and not constructive, but there were some great examples of proper HDR shown in the comments, so that made me happy.

4. My Most Helpful Post

Setting aside the 31 Days TO Better Photography category, my most helpful post would actually be an email I originally wrote to Sara Lingafelter, know as Rock Climber Girl, before her first trek to Nepal. Entitled Advice For Trekking In The Everest Himalayas, the email turned post gets traffic twice a year as the trekking seasons in Nepal heats up. It also has a number of helpful comments from readers which makes it a great resource.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

This is easy because it was a true “What the hell?” moment. Check it out, it is one of my crappiest pictures, taken with a crappy camera, but the subject is kinda funny. It’s in Australia, so it’s exotic. It was also completely by chance that it got picked up by one of the popular photo apps for iPads before the app itself became popular and looked for things other than my sign. Ton of traffic for no apparent reason.

6. My Most Underrated Post

I don’t really have one for this category. Sorry to disappoint. I don’t have high vaulted hopes for any given post, really. I just do my best and am happy with that. I know not everyone will like what I wrote so I don’t dream of any one post hitting it big. And thus, don’t think anything is underrated.

7. The Post I Am Most Proud Of

This plays into the item above. I don’t have a lot of pride, but not in a bad way. It’s hard to explain but as big of an ego as I seem to have at times, I just don’t wrap myself up in a post once it has been created as a hallmark of ‘me’. Now I’m just getting goofy, I know. I have posts I really like, but nothing I’d stake pride in. But that’s not a bad thing, either. Buy me chocolate some time and I’ll sit down and explain it with you.

And now for the five blogs I’d like to hear some answers from. That’s if I could hear the blogs speak, which is freaky to think about.

Nerds Eye View – She keeps me on my toes and tells me when I’m wrong

Everywhereist – She flat out cracks me up

JMG Galleries – Dude’s got photo skills and good info

Bacon Is Magic – Simply intrigued as I’m late in following

Irish Fireside – Still wanting to go back to Ireland and would like to see the boy’s best links

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  1. Mary-Alice

    I love — but LOVE — these articles. Thanks for taking the time to sort through all your stuff — it’s a pain, sorry about that, but I appreciate the guided tour.

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