MS Bike Ride Results

We did it!

59 miles of beautiful cycling around Skagit and Island Counties to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis.

It was not easy as I rented a bike and had never ridden it before. But that worked just fine in the end and only a little knee pain ensued from having the seat height wrong for part of the ride.

The whole event was well run and quite enjoyable. I rode with my friends Shanna, Travis and Dennie for Team F5, which came in second last year for most funds raised, which meant we got to start nice and early at 7:40am with a ride through downtown Mount Vernon.

The rest stops were spaced out every 8-11 miles and lunch was at beautiful Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island.

A couple of highlights were riding across the trestle bridge spanning Fidalgo Bay as well as having traffic stopped for us to cross Deception Pass Bridge. I have done that one before and it always a magnificent view from up there.

After lunch at Deception Pass it was a bit of a slog as my legs were getting tired. But the pirate rest stop brought a laugh and a new burst of energy.

After a loooong 3 mile hill it was all flat riding across Skagit Valley and back into Mount Vernon for the finish.

It was a beast of a ride for me and I am glad I put in the training and effort on the road today. It all paid off.

The National MS Society is still accepting donations to add to the $1700 I have already raised. I would love to push that number higher if you would consider a donation today.

Thank you,


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