Majestic Machapuchare

Description: You’re going to need to get up before sunrise to capture the best photos of Machapuchare from Pokhara, Nepal.

But it’s worth it!

From the local translation meaning “Fish tail” this peak has never been successfully climbed.

The windy drive up to Sarangkot, a popular view point high above Phewa Lake and the city of Pokhara, is usually quite busy as locals and tourists alike enact something of a pilgrimage to witness the Himalayas up close and personal.

While the various summits and public viewing spots can be crowded, we make sure Far Horizon Photo Tour guests find a location with more room to explore the various peaks without feeling boxed in.

From views down to the city and up to these majestic mountains, it’s just the start of a day of exploring and photography in the inviting country of Nepal.

Taking a moment to ponder the meaning of life from our perch, after enjoying morning tea.

Title: Majestic Machapuchare

Location: Pokhara, Nepal, Asia

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Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).