Los Angeles National Cemetery 360° Virtual Tour

I’ve been working on my 360° photo skills and it’s a work in progress. Next week I’ll be imaging one of UnCruise’s boats and in prep, I’ve been practicing.

To that end, I spent an hour at the Los Angeles National Cemetery this afternoon walking the grounds and taking photos. I see where I can refine my results and plan to go back to the Cemetery to add images before Memorial Day. My hope would be that people can use the virtual tour to ‘visit’ the cemetery if they can’t make it there on a day like Memorial Day.

I suggest using the full screen mode (controls on the right) and if you watch this on a phone, you can grant access to use motion control so, instead of swiping to pan around the scene, you can just move your phone as if you’re there.

Look for the little arrows to click between locations. There are 34 of them.